Virginia Farm-to-Table Blog

The Virginia Farm-to-Table website and blog is devoted to strengthening connections from the farm to the table and enhancing Virginia’s overall food system. The blog posts and website resources will relate to the findings and recommendations of the Virginia Farm to Table Plan and Initiative.

The Virginia Farm to Table Plan and Initiative is a collaborative effort of Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia State University, University of Virginia, the Virginia Food System Council and partner organizations, for strengthening Virginia’s economic future and food system from the farm to the table.

The social, economic and environmental importance of farming and food is often overlooked and under-appreciated by individuals and communities. With our fast-paced lives and hectic schedules, it is easy to take farming and where food comes from for granted, particularly when we rarely have time to sit down for a meal at a table. Yet, farming and food are fundamental necessities for individuals and communities to thrive socially and economically for the common wealth and common good.

In launching the Virginia Farm to Table website and blog, we hope to reconnect individuals and communities to farming and food, and highlight the social, environmental and economic importance of these connections.

To register for the 2019 Virginia Farm-to-Table Conference, please visit Virginia Cooperative Extension’s Program Registration site at!

The early bird registration rate for the two-day conference is $90 until November 15, 2019, or $45 per day if you cannot attend both days.

On November 16, the registration rate will be $130 to attend both days or $65 to attend one day. Walk-ins are welcome!